Data Services

  • IP backbone and trunking
  • TDMA VSAT solutions (all topologies)
  • SCPC solutions
  • DVB IP based VSAT
  • Mobile broadband IP
  • GSM backhaul

Combining satellites with terrestrial and wireless technologies, STELLAR provides its clients with the global network and service connectivity to run business app-lications over the Internet and IP-based networks. STELLAR operates large IP Platforms on several satellites directly connected to our global DWDM Fiber Backbone.

IP trunking is a highly efficient solution to reduce the complexity and to control the costs of your telecommunications services. You will get a complete global reach to connect your business systems, information services, telephone exchanges, the Internet and data centers. We customize your applications and integrate them into the same system.

STELLAR offers one-way or two-way VSAT communication links for satellite transmission of voice, data, video conferences etc., serving companies and organizations that want to connect geographically spread sites or require connectivity in remote areas or areas where other technologies cannot provide services. Typical users are oil & gas industries, government authorities, medical companies, international companies, banks, cruise boats and home users for internet access via satellite.

STELLAR VSAT network is flexible to suit your requirements. It can be hub-less or hub based, partially or fully meshed with a variety of architectures (TDMA, SCPC using DVB-S2 with VCM/ACM state-of-the-art technology). It can be used for small private networks as well as for large enterprise services. Whether you need a point-to-point service for only two sites or a point-to-multipoint service with several hundreds of remote terminals, the VSAT system is the perfect choice.

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